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Most large IT companies were founded in a garage. If you ask musicians where they discovered their love for music, many will probably name their shower as the place of their first "show".Although Massimo Cerreto has entertained his neighbors with a lot of concerts under running water, the place which changed his way of thinking about music, has been an open air bath in the middle of Heidelberg. For many years he was a choir member and was able to use his voice as part of a whole, but on a sunny day, he was surrounded by his friends singing "I Swear" by All 4 One and was rewarded by the other pool visitors with praise for his performance.Because of this experience, and inspired by the newfound certainty that his singing talent may be greater than he thought, he started taking professional singing lessons at the famous orffeo studio in Mannheim where he was personally thaught by principal Wolfram Blank. Over the years he was able to consistently improve his voice to finally give his own concerts like an evening of Josh Groban songs who is one of his major influences.Certainly, every singer calls a particular artist as an influence or inspiration that has made himself devote to music. And although many of these careers would have happened anyway, even without this influence, Massimo is certain that without his biggest musical idol, namely Michael Jackson, his shower would probably still be a very quiet place.Massimo tries to demonstrate its broad range of talents with videos in which he pays tribute to great artists by singing, shooting videos and then sharing them on YouTube with his fans. In the hope that one day he’ll be able to present his own songs, because the journey has just begun ...