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30.03.2014ROCK WITH YOU!Hi folks,my new video is online!Have fun watching.Yoursm.assimo___________________________________08.01.2014IT'S HUMAN NATURE!Ladies and gentlemen,after waiting for three years I finally allowed myself to cover a song frommy favourite artist: Michael Jackson!Since I don't believe that it's possibleto make a better video than the ones theking of pop used to make, I decided toshoot a much more simple video.I hope you like it. Post a comment, subscribe to my channel and share, share, share!bye.m.assimo___________________________________04.12.2013SEASON 4 IS COMING!A few days ago I finally recorded a new song and now I'm shooting the video.As usual I'm not going to tell you yet who I'm going to pay tribute. But this muchI can tell you already: the videos of thenew season are going to be much simpler.Not because the original videos of the artist are kept simple (far from it;-)Once the video has been released andyou know which artist we're talking about,you'll understand. bye.m.assimo___________________________________16.12.2012SPECIAL EDITIONTOO CLOSE!What happened to my promise that I won't... OK. We had that before ;-)Anyway: Since only artists who have released at least three albums are qualified for a "Tribute", I will post Special Editions with songs I like every now and then to shorten the time between two seasons.This first episode pays tribute to Alex Clare and his song Too Close.I hope you like it!m.assimo___________________________________18.05.2012EPISODE IIIHOME!What happened to my promise that I won't never let you wait that long for a new video again?;-)Now episode III is finaly online and as usual I hope you'll like and share it with everybody.C U soon!m.assimo___________________________________27.07.2011EPISODE IIFeeling good!My new video is online now!Episode II brings you some kind of Bond feeling. Shaken, not stirred ;-)Have fun!bye m.___________________________________23.03.2011SEASON 3!!!!!It took me longer than I'd expected, but now the wait is finally over.The first episode of season 3 is online!Have fun with Michael Bublé, Everything and me playing a lot of different characters.By the way: don't forget to watch the credits. It's worth the time ;-)byem.assimo___________________________________05.11.2010End of the year with Michael Jackson!This christmas you'll be able to put some real cool stuff under the tree!On November 22. Sony releases a DVD box featuring for the first time ever ALL short movies Michael has done, including such rare clips like the PRISON version of THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US.And then, on December 14. finaly arrives the brand new album simply called MICHAEL, wich hopefully will feature a couple of beautiful, yet unreleased gems.I can't wait to hear the new songs! How about you?bye yoursm.assimo ___________________________________03.11.2010Stay in touch!Once again a small homepage update.There's a new "Movies" area where you'll find all the news about me directing or acting in movies. Moreover there are new links on the lower right leading directly to my FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube pages.What else?This weekend I've started recording new songs for season 3!.bye yoursm.assimo ___________________________________29.09.2010HOMEPAGE 2.0 (beta;-)Welcome to my new homepage.There're still a lot to do (that's why I added the beta;-) like adding pictures but I hope this will be done soon.I hope you like the new design.Have fun!m.assimo ___________________________________28.09.2010SMELLS LIKE DAD's SPIRIT online!It took me a couple of days longer than I wanted, but finally SLDS is now online.Because of the length (49 min.) I had to split it in 4 parts:Part 1/4Part 2/4Part 3/4Part 4/4I'm curious to find out what you think about it.byem.assimo ___________________________________

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